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Existing Homes

We have done many existing homes.  Many of them have been found to have little, to no insulation in their walls. We have developed a process that allows us to make your home warm and still look as beautiful on the outside, as it did before we came. Many other contractors drill holes through the siding and place wooden plugs in them.  When they have finished, your home looks like a wood pecker has come through and pecked your home. We take extensive care when doing existing homes. We will carefully remove one of the sidings on your house whether it be vinyl, aluminum, or steel.  Then the holes are drilled underneath so that you will not see them when the project is completed.  The only thing that has changed to your home when we leave is that it is now insulated and warmer inside.

We can install either dry or blown Cellulose insulation, or dry blown fiberglass insulation, in new or existing homes. 
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We can install either Fiberglass batts or wet blown cellulose insulation, in new homes. 

We can install Eco-Cell

Here at R & C Insulators, we treat your house 
as if it were

our own!​